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Sale and purchase

Select this option if you're selling your house and buying another one.

Purchase only

Select this option if you're buying a house and not selling one.

Sale only

Select this option if you're selling your house and not buying another one.

Capital raising

Select this option if you're the owner of a mortgage free property and are looking to raise monies from the equity. This option should also be used when transferring property from 1 name to 2 names or vice versa, where equity is being released.

Further advance

Select this option for the repayment of a charge with a non-clearing bank i.e. finance company. This option may also need to be used in other circumstances, for example if you're purchasing an additional share in your shared ownership or shared equity home.

Transfer of equity/ Transfer of mortgage property

Select this option if you want to transfer legal ownership from sole name into joint names or vice versa, but are not making any additional borrowing.